Bringing extensive experience in international diplomacy as well as regulatory and oversight sectors along with in depth knowledge of international human rights, privacy and ethics, we provide bespoke advice to companies, investors and organisations grappling with complex issues in the tech landscape.  Recognised thought leaders on AI, tech, data governance, ESG and human rights, we help your organisation to think outside the box about the ways you innovate with technology in your business.




Who WE aRE

Dr Susie Alegre

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Dr Susie Alegre  – is an international lawyer specialising in tech policy, human rights and ethics. She is the author of Freedom to Think, a Financial Times Technology Book of the Year 2022 and a Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

A barrister with a Masters in French and Philosophy and a PhD in International Human Rights Law she has in depth insights into the law and ethics as they apply to emerging technology.  She has advised companies, governments, international organisations, investors and civil society on the implications of technology for society.

Her experience in international diplomacy including work on security and counter-terrorism and human rights in the OSCE region and work on accountability, governance and anti-corruption chairing the international donor working group for the EU in Uganda gives her a unique perspective on global issues affecting the tech industry.  And her experience as a Financial Ombudsman and as Interception of Communications Commissioner (Isle of Man) alongside other judicial and dispute resolution roles in the UK and internationally has given her a practical perspective on the regulatory and oversight landscape.

Adept in bringing complex issues to a wide audience, she is a regular contributor to national and international press including the Financial Times, TIME Magazine, BBC Radio 4, Sky News, the Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, Prospect Magazine, Perspective Magazine, The Irish Times and City AM among others.  She featured in The Cost of Convenience, a documentary film about the technology and society.  Susie is a regular keynote speaker, panellist and TEDx speaker


Andrew Copson, Executive Director, Humanists U.K.

“In today’s world, where artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing, the question of what’s real and what’s not holds significant importance for our digital future. In her talk, Susie Alegre highlighted the need to distinguish between truth and deception as we navigate this evolving landscape. She emphasised the importance of considering our established human rights when thinking about future regulations and protections against AI manipulation by big tech or the government. Her insights underscored the need for a balanced approach that not only embraces technological progress but also upholds our societal values”.

Paul van Zyl, Co-Founder The Conduit Club

“Susie’s insight and knowledge in the field of technology and human rights law shines through when she is on stage. Eloquent and engaging, it was a pleasure to have Susie speaking at The Conduit, her ability to make complex issues both accessible and interesting is a real skill”.

Rys Farthing, Director of Policy & Research, Reset Australia

“We have worked with Susie in a number of capacities, including as a speaker at public events and as an advisor for research projects. We have always found Susie’s contributions invaluable. Her depth of experience and insights really help deliver impactful work, and as a speaker she is highly engaging and persuasive. She is an absolute professional to work with, who delivers every time”.